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Mobile Phone Technician

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• Electronics System Uses to Mobile Section Introduction. 
• Finding and Working of All Components. 
• How To Find Fault`s in Digital New Technology Multimeter . 
• Practical Repairing Lesson For Students Using Digital New Technology Multimeter. 
• Introduction to Mobile Phone New Technology(Iphone,Samsung S4,Nokia Lumia SmartPhones,Extr…) 
• Use of SMD Machines. And How to Work With New Lucky New Technology Hot gun 100% Practical. 
• How to work with Digital Dc POWER SUPPLY New Technology(BAKU BRAND) 
• Component Removing and replacing. 
• Jumper Connect Practically(Antenna switch jumper, Track break jumper 
Display cont. jumper, Drive IC jumper. Ext..100% Practical) 
• Display, Ribbon and Touch Pad changing 100% Practical with Not Working Phones To working Phones. 
• Jack changing practically(Sim jack, Charging jack, Hand free jack, Battery connector Ext..) 
• Bluetooth module changing 100% practical`s… 
• How To Install A Soft Ware to Mobile Phone. 
• Flashing by USF,DCT. 
• Industrial Practicals